1. Your gal has “asked” you to clean up the yard, leaving you no choice but to get it done. You:
Pay someone else to do it. You just got a manicure.

Grab your work gloves and the edger. She’s worth it. Plus now you can skip that afternoon trip to the mall.

No one tells you what to do, ever. (And the wife left last weekend anyway. Her sister just called to say she isn’t coming back.)

2. Your garage is filled with:
Your Mini Cooper

Power tools

Nothing. You don’t need possessions, just a place to do pull ups.

3. You’re driving to a restaurant, where you and your honey are meeting some friends. You realize you are lost. You:
Stop for directions. Drive around some more. Stop again. By the time you get to the restaurant, your friends are gone and your sweetie has that really scary look.

Whip out your GPS.

Navigate by the stars.

4. Your favorite meal is:
A light salad

Steak on the grill

Anything wild that you have personally captured and killed

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